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tv   [untitled]    June 4, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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may 13th the difference is exhibit z shows a reduced case obey sfaefd instead of 3 hundred and thirty parking spaces to that clearly it's not ports interest to book as many cruise calls and events as feasible the priority is to book as many cruise calls as possible and most of the ports inflict is deprived if the passenger fee and when the peer 27 sits empty book events and use the ground transportation area for the waterfront parking. to reiterate the ports intention per the advisory panel was to promote the cruise in san francisco as noted in the
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september 2007 staff presentation it explicitly noted quote cries terms are not a generate our of the port similar to the convention center they operate as lost leaders they bring people to the city but the city lose money hour very generate constitutional returned to the city and enhances the cities reputation as a world-class waterfront city and tourist designation as well as preserves and promotes one of hitting its maritime industries. as noted in the may 13 presentation the port must look for revenue opportunity and look at the cost side of the operations particularly the dredging costs port staff has tried to have a state of the art
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cries facility but that is which is financially responsible. port staff firmly buildings that the metro agreement will allow the recommendations to be set forth by advisory panel. therefore the port staff recommendations that the port commission approves in terms of described in the staff report with the caveat there's no resolution with respect to the b cdc permanent academy for its use as a part-time investor resource. the staff further recommendations that the port commission ports executive director for the ability to negotiate different terms with metro pending the outcome with
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the discussions of b cdc. the approval of the agreement will allow them to begin the operation from pier 25 to 27 so pier 27 can be proclaim by late september. it's critical that there allow metro to directly book events and begun the implementation to attract yourselves that's it i want to see that peter daily and john and grass and tom carter and james are here to answer all of us here to answer questions they've been instrumental in pitting this together >> so moved. is there a second. public comment? first person is shawn
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>> hi. you know, you don't have opportunities like this come around very often we all know that is a pretty special project but one of the things you look for in success is leadership and stefan have stepped up and we have a super cargo and that's james and they've invested time and effort because super cargo gets the passengers off and the bags moved i'm confident when they transition into the port you'll see the operation that will bowed well, for everybody
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so thank you >> thank you. additional public comment? come forward >> good afternoon port commissioners i'm frederick. i'm here representing a group known as recreation and small property owner for the waterfront that includes a number of resident that live across the street from pier 27, 31 and 35 those have been there are since 1977 before any of you participated in a port hearing before monique was probably born on the one hand but nevertheless, they've been living there enjoying the site we've had the america's cup there and we know that wouldn't have happened without the
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enthusiasm of america's cup now we have a great cruise ship and suggesting to use for roughly 45 days a year for 2 hundred and 77 dazed or 77 percent of the year this has nothing to do with the cruise ships to raise money for the port. except for the fact our right across the street in one thousand comedy and people living in telegraph hill upset because of the concert series this summer my live nation. we filed a lawsuit and stopped live nation from having another event on pier 27 or an rfp to cause the same type of events because of the lack of how the event was handled right across the street from the residential
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homes and commercial prospering properties and the commercial tenants in trounl with the amount of traffic associated with the supplement we are disappointed by the modifications of the may 13 agreement with the various intashlts we noticed the only thing that caused my responsibility inform maintain noise powers even if operation and the type of operation for on the that 7 percent was relied open the police and the entertainment commission we had to sue them because they didn't do anything to stop to the noise and with the difficulties of the america's cup. we want to make sure that i'm sure you're going to adapt that but before it going to the planning department and the peripheries and the mayor, etc.
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we want to be sure everyone is heard and the neighborhood this important neighborhood is important what you're trying to do economically. we'll be there next week whether we have a ballot measure thank you four hearing me today and enjoy the new ship terminal >> is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. . commissioners >> i just have one comment to question. the visitor partnering for non-cruise is that the restricted public interest issue? >> well, i think diane ocean can answer that with regards to ac b c not having anything to
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the with the public trust contingency. >> so what's the basis of the issue it makes a big deal about the 2 hundred and 50 thousand and the break even for the port. >> good afternoon, commissioners diane with the planning and development division the visitor parking is not a public trust you use issue but the visitor parking was not included in the use of permitted uses and the b cdc permit when it was issued at the time, we were talking about the cruise loading operations in the g ta and the parking and staging so marked with the events we had to call the visitor parking at the time other environmental issues.
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>> is there a effect on the bay. >> i don't think we see the impact on the bay brown but from the b cdc concerns around the public access along the embarcadero promenade and how the management cross over into the facility can impact that. >> how much open assess in the part is open space is open. >> unfortunately, i don't have the percentage off the top of my head particularly we have a lark park on pier 27 as well as the promenade the general observation with the growth and volumes of pedestrians and the transmission of the promenade
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there's an interest not to create the quality issues in that experience one of the things we've put together as part of the package is not only what are the numbers of spaces and how this shared use be dominated within the visitor parking and the cruise and special events but also a transportation management program it includes some staffing levels for varying levels of peaking activities to try to address the pedestrian conflict issue. >> what my question is we should encourage ac b c we hold that the port and port commission's to make sure we're in a financially fiscal available position i'm not sure i heard there was a reason not to have this parking and it's important to us being fiscally
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responsible and to generate a million dollars deficit budget we have to maintain it's very important i go on record ac b c needs to take a look at the pursue verify of the financial robot and what maintain what we need to maintain he in terms of maintaining the quality i guess from my standpoint in walking in that area lots of open access. >> those remarks will be very helpful thank you. commissioner murphy. commissioner brandon >> i want to congratulate the entire staff it's been a 20-year process pee we've moved from 27 to 35 back to 27 and now we actually have a new cruise term this is a major accomplishment i
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really want to thank everyone i can't wait until september when we have the groundbreaking or the grand opening. >> thank you. i too want to echo commissioner brandon's kudos i made a note that's like the current giants team it's not only winning but doing it together it's more apparently everyone is working together for the better time of all san franciscans to increase the tourism but look no further than the large newspaper number of people enjoying the browning done street wharf we're making all san franciscans to enjoy this. >> i want to note in terms of the events considered at the site first of all, i think that dates back to a number of public
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meetings and voices panels and he setting the recommendations that included that's been included in the efforts to have available space so of us were lucky enough to see the building before opened to the public by many of us not going on cruises we'll have an opportunity with the openness of the building to enjoy the size and the space it this cruise officers and people will perimeter in events when cruise are not under with metro managing the operations they'll be sensitive to the community needs and make sure that the operations run smoothly and want to thank everyone not sure where we are going to end up up on the
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parking issue but we're going to have a beautiful terminal and park. >> i want to say one thing i didn't give the general a sort specific but i want to echo the commissioners this cruise ship terminal is a great accomplishment i've looked at other new terminals in hong kong and this is a first-rate facility it matches the reputation of the city and the comments we've heard from the public i believe what we did during america's cup is something we xefrmentd with and i understand there will be requirement put on the events and i don't think it will impact
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the core of the neighborhood it will be well orchard and i'm sure is metro and hartman will work with us i want this be o be a win-win. >> yeah. you gave me a tour about a year ago great structure. glad we're on the veerj of approving it and thanks to staff and everybody involved for all the hard work >> i mentioned one other thing i respect to see the lastly hong kong terminal we did extremely well, for what we built it for (laughter). >> we have to remember sometimes, we don't compare, of course, they have the money in hong kong and do more but we've
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done an extent job and hopefully, we'll make it sustain itself. >> i also want to drill down one more we'll be having shore power at the term and we really were at the forefront is providing the power for cruise ships it's more and more bam a start so kudos for putting this together it deltas our desire to be at the forefront of environmental issues and be good stewards for our waterfront. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> resolution 1438 carries. >> we should clap (clapping.) item 12 a presentation on the
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ports strategy to remove deteriorated and non-treated wharves along the southern waterfront. >> good afternoon, commissioners david with planning and development. this report is no response to commissioner brandon's where where about the statistic to remove the derattled structures in the southern waterfronts. since 2000 the port has removed a number of piles and structures prifrm as it relates to the special plan requirement but also to accommodate life safety and port operational needs this exhibit shows the piers we've removed since 2000 in the north fisherman's wharf and pier 43 in
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the northern waterfront portions of the pier valley around the ferry building inspection we have pier 24 and then in the south beach area pier 34 and 36 and lastly pier 64 in the process of being demolished and pier 74 those are the piers we've removed since 2000. piers that we're looking for demolition in the future include pier 70 wharf 8 and the green silos and pier 90 at the pier view gateway and we've got the old wharves on the north and west side and the pier 311. the next few slides illuminate
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the various stages where we at the inn the individual projects. pier 70 is one hundred and 50 thousand square feet supported pier into both the combination of wood and steel piles has been considered a project for removal under the b cdc project where a they were short one hundred and 08 thousand square feet of the bay removal. the port has submitted a project request to the u.s. army of core of engineers under the bill to receive $5.5 million to remove the pier if we're successful in getting the army core of engineers funding the "x" to your memory fund will help to match the grant and hoping to hear from the army core of engineering for the funding of
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the project this fall. the next area highlighted in the yellow is pier 90 green solo approximately 80 thousand square feet area of pile supported deck that's deteriorated and the cost to remove this is $2.5 million we have not identified my source of funding to remove the pile supported area. as part of moving forward with my pile removal project we need to consultation further analysis to determine whether the pile supported structure actually spots the seawall. the next highlighted the in jelling yellow is the site of the gateway project that's 13 thousand square feet derating
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and it's in the bid process and anticipated to be removed by the summer of 2015 and funded by 2008 parks obligation bonds. the next area is the creek wafers the old wharves and piles that supported what was once pier 84 supported the crane operations on the north and literally stick piles on the south side. the port applied for a grant to rehab the co-sponsorer crane and remove the piles and were successful and submitted for the necessary permits to remove that. and light we have what's called the pier 96 lash term the lighter than area.
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this is approximately 25 thousand square feet pier that's gone to collapse it's just north of herself side park the source of funding could be the southern waterfront beautification funds we believe that this pier would be an approximately pier for the crews to demolish and as a it relates to proprieties each of those pile removal projects requires an army of engineers regional core board and this allows us to get credit for the removal and requires sequa and the pier 70 project specifically requires the viral protection act funded through federal resources. the bay area gateway project is
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funded and will be demolished approximately in a year from now and ready to put in the wharves creek to be demolished and lastly our next steps is to return to the commission if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them i'd like to recognize the help from tom carter and others. it was a cross ignitional staff report in putting together the information. thank you >> public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed commissioners >> i want to thank you and the team for doing this analysis and coming up with this report i
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truly appreciate it. so once those 5 sites pilings are removed that means there will be no more dead pilings in the waterfront >> that's correct and i thought that was some outside the ramp. >> it's pier 44 u 64 those r were required to be removed from america's cup and i don't know by the end of the year those will be piles will be removed completely we will be rebuilding some turn habitat out there but not the rotting piers and off the shore a little bit. >> so everything is funded except for or possible funded for pier 70 and pier 90.
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>> pier 90 yes at the because of the silos. >> thank you that's great. >> so commissioner just an magnitude there's approximately seven hundred and thirty piles we think we can count on the water at the right levels we've removed that oh, my apologies so we're still plowing away. >> hopefully, the port will he remove them and we'll save money. >> this is the first time we've used our staff to get those removed and the piles they're doing it as easily as they're doing it but call roll more piles are there because their hidden by the water if that method doing works we can reciprocate more.
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>> thank you tom and your team. >> commissioners? no comment. that's commissioner brandon's comments i know a lot of work has gone into this thank you very much. this is an inform presentation >> this is the presentation for the 2014-2015 mostly rental rate and monthly statistical rates and parking.
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>> sorry pardon me i'm setting up the presentation. come on. my apologies. commissioners i'm mr. cruise i'm the financial analysts with the real estate division i'm here to talk about the rental rates i'm
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joined by my real estate staff and we have colleagues for the third party review. by way of background the perimeter rents have been deliberated to the staff and we don't have to come back to the port commission for every review so before we came here before for all details. those perimeters that we have to meet unable to be able to execute the leases they're not retail use not a ranging restaurant or a term that is less than 5 years anticipated to generate less than $9 million and finally has to have at least the rents that are presented in the rent schedule.
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to give you a little bit more sort of context how the perimeters effect us those are a huge portion of the lease transactions their approximately 64 percent of our lease count but in the everyday transactions the only represent about 15 percent of the real estate department leasing revenue we do the bond presentations to drum up the revenues this is really what the diversity comes from we have a lot of small businesses and they have found a home here. this is a way to look it over time this is port revenues for the real estate division the bottom blue session is basically what the perimeter deals represent to use it really is another way to